8 Climate Neutral Online Stores That Sell Your Everyday Essentials

8 Climate Neutral Online Stores That Sell Your Everyday Essentials

Will Titterington
Will Titterington

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We all need everyday essentials. But isn’t it much better when they come from a climate neutral certified store?

This way, you get to wash your hair, do your laundry, treat your pets, shave your face, and much more fully in the knowledge that your daily actions aren’t harming the planet.

In celebration of Earth April at NatureHub, we decided it was high time to put together a guide to the top 8 climate neutral online stores that sell your everyday essentials. We’ve got everything covered here, and if there’s something we’ve missed — feel free to let us know.

Oh, and there’s ice cream. 🍦 Let’s make a start!

Rocky Mountain Dog

Got a dog?

Love going on adventures with your dog?

Then you’ll love Rocky Mountain Dog, a sustainable, climate neutral company that sells pet dog accessories, such as leash extensions, dog collars, and ID tag sets.

With a keen focus on the outdoors (and especially the mountains), Rocky Mountain Dog’s target audience are generally runners, hikers, and mountaineers who want to accessorize their dogs with the right gear so that they’re ready for a bold adventure together.

What else? You can keep up-to-date with everything going on at Rocky Mountain Dog via their blog.

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Charlie Banana

The exquisitely named Charlie Banana specializes in cloth diapers. Reusable cloth diapers, that is.

Their goal is to eradicate the use of single-use plastics one baby at a time. Their products are climate neutral certified, and they’re made using the “softest materials.”

So if you’re a parent who wants your baby to grow up knowing that they started to save the planet from a very young age, go check Charlie Banana out!

What else? 1% of all diapers sold goes to environmental causes.

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The Ice Cream Canteen

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like ice cream!?

However, have you tried to eat ice cream outside … but grown annoyed because the ice cream damn melts ALL OVER YOUR HAND?

This is where The Ice Cream Canteen comes in, a climate neutral online store with a brilliant idea. Basically, they sell “the world’s first vacuum insulated container for the pint of ice cream, so you can keep your ice cream cold and enjoy it anywhere!”

Yes, please!

What else? The Ice Cream Canteen offers free shipping in the U.S.

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As well as having a cool name, Defunkify basically sells laundry detergents that will wash the funk outta your clothes.

Anyone notice what I did there? No? Fine.

Anyhow, Defunkify sells eco-friendly detergents, sprays, and cleaners, such as an all purpose cleaner spray, that will make your clothes smell amazing.

And the best thing is, their formulas contain zero toxins or anything that’s bad for our planet.

What else? You can subscribe to Defunkify and save cash over the long term!

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The Good Pencil Company

The Good Pencil Company sells pens.

Okay, we’re kidding!

They sell pencils, of course.

Not just any old pencils, though. Their pencils are sustainable and eco-friendly. They’re also top-notch pencils that are of a very high quality. Here, you can grab your own custom pencils that are all certified FSC.

So if making art and saving the planet are your thing, check ‘em out.

What else? With every item they sell, The Good Pencil Company donates both pencils and money to state schools in need, recognizing that education begins with the alleviation of poverty.

Visit The Good Pencil Company

Leaf Shave

Disposable razors are a thing of the past. Yeah, they do a good job of shaving your face, armpits, legs, and everywhere else … but they suck for the planet.

The future?

The future is reusable safety razors, and Leaf Shave is a sustainable company that sells sustainable shaving products for just about everywhere on your body. Their razors are fully recyclable and plastic-free.

What else? For every razor purchased, Leaf Shave donates $5 to rebuilding coral reefs.

Visit Leaf Shave


Pela is basically the world’s first compostable phone case: if you shop here, you’ll be able to whip out a compostable phone case in front of your friends.

Sure, the case is not to show off with. But it’s all about spreading the word, right?

Pela also sells AirPods cases, phone grips, and other snazzy accessories.

What else? Gift cards are available right now.

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A Good Company

A Good Company is all about those sustainable vibes. Their mission is to “transform mindless consumption into conscious decisions,” and they do this via eco-friendly mobile cases, pens, stationary, and personal care products, including bamboo toothbrushes and toilet paper.

If you’re short on your bathroom products or office equipment at the moment, go check ‘em out!

What else? A Good Company has built its own community, where people can get together to inspire others with their own sustainable success stories.

Visit A Good Company

For more sustainable businesses, ideas, and tips, be sure to check out NatureHub! 😉