How to Protect and Prepare Yourself for Coronavirus
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How to Protect and Prepare Yourself for Coronavirus

Will Titterington
Will Titterington

You don’t need me to tell you that coronavirus is a big deal. It’s swept through Asia, Europe and America, and in some places it’s shot through faster than a bullet.

Despite the alarming speed at which the virus is moving, and despite the amount of people it’s infecting, there are things you can do to protect and prepare yourself so that you either avoid the 'rona altogether, or you kick its sorry ass if it happens to cross you.

💡 Stay properly informed

There’s so much misinformation out there right now that it’s insane. I was watching a popular daytime TV show in the UK last week in which a popular celebrity over here told us all that “young people will be absolutely fine” if they contract the coronavirus. This has since proven to be a false statement.

Others, meanwhile, claimed that oregano oil is effective against the virus. Again — false.

To make sure you don’t do anything that could harm your health, stay properly informed with reputable sources of information only.

Reputable sources include:

Listen to experts in the field of medicine, virology and immunology. Don’t believe something to be true just because a celebrity endorsed it, or Twitter is going crazy for it.

Also, watch out for copy and pasted messages on Facebook. I’ve seen the same message reportedly written by an immunologist posted on various people's Facebook pages: these sort of things spread like wildfire. They’re usually nonsense, so unless you can verify the source — ignore them.

🧘‍♀️ Take care of your immune system and mental health

Since there’s currently no cure or vaccine for this current strain of coronavirus, it’s basically your immune system vs. the virus.

As such, you could really do with an unstoppable immune system that puts the virus in quarantine!

So while you're self-isolating, do indulge in at-home exercise and education, take care of your mental health and stress levels, keep things fun (at least, try to), keep in touch with your loved ones, and of course, incorporate more fruit and veg in your diet.

🥬 Protect yourself (and others) while shopping for groceries

One of the problems we all face right now is surviving a trip to the grocery store or a pharmacy. Social gatherings, parties, and even work might be off the cards for a few weeks, but we still have to go shopping for food.

According to new reports, grocery stores are at a coronavirus tipping point. Yes, grocery store workers are now getting infected, which means that every trip we now take increases our own risk of getting the virus.

Yet, we need food and can’t not go to the store. So what do we do?

Unfortunately, online shopping is out of the question for most of us, because the slots are all booked up for the next few weeks. Amazon Pantry, meanwhile, has temporarily suspended operations.

The best thing you can do is to first of all shop at odd hours when there’s likely to be less people in the store. When queuing, make sure to maintain a 2 meter (that's 6.5 feet) distance from the person in front of you; ask the person behind you do the same.

Once you’re home with your groceries, wash down all nonporous containers. There’s no concrete evidence that coronavirus is transmissible via food packaging but we know that shoppers are concerned about this. For your own peace of mind, use disinfectant wipes to clean cans and glass.

Wash all produce you’ve just bought with soap and water, too. This goes for fruit and vegetables, and especially those with harder skins. As well as washing away any potential traces of the virus, you’ll also be washing away pesticides. This is a good practice that you could keep up once the pandemic has gone away.

Once you’ve put all your shopping away, wash your hands thoroughly. Yes, again.

Oh, and please, don’t be selfish at the supermarket: take only what you need.

🤝 Plan ahead

No one wants to envision themselves getting sick with coronavirus. But we need to be sensible, vigilant, and we need to plan for all possible outcomes.

If you’re a parent, there might be tricky times ahead. What if you get sick? Who, then, looks after the kids?

It’s really important that you look ahead and make a game plan for any number of possible scenarios. That way, you can protect and prepare yourself and others for coronavirus.

If you have kids, the last thing you want to do is isolate them completely. This is a confusing time for them as much as it is for adults, and they need support. Identify a ‘backup parent’ for if you do catch the virus. This will ensure you’re not panicking while feeling worse for wear.

Make sure there’s a designated bathroom and spare bedroom (if possible) for in case anyone in the house gets sick. Stock it with a few goodies to help pass the time — a TV and a laptop, perhaps?

Are there any friends who would be able to do your grocery shopping in case you got sick? Ask around, identify people, and make a pact. Check in on each other daily. If they get sick, you’ll deliver their food and necessities — and vice versa.


It’s a weird time right now, and I know there are many who are anxious about what’s coming. The best way to reduce anxiety is to protect and prepare yourself. Use the tips in this article to keep your immune system strong, to give yourself peace of mind, and to stay organized in case something should happen. More than anything, try to stay positive — this too shall pass!

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