How to Survive This Heatwave

How to Survive This Heatwave

Kat Doe
Kat Doe

Ah, this feeling when it's 100 degrees out and all you want to do is chill in a conditioned room all day... But you have ✨responsibilities✨?⠀
How do you survive this heatwave? Which drinks are the most refreshing? What food to avoid? What clothes to wear? Why shouldn't you use antiperspirants? Can you catch a cold from AC? Why shouldn't you wipe the sweat off your forehead? Would exercising help or make it worse?

Tune in as we're sharing tested, proved, and even counter-intuitive secrets of surviving this heatwave!

I'm inside, and I don't have an AC. What should I do?

First of all, put the blinds down low but keep the windows open so that air can circulate. Take frequent cool showers and drink plenty of water.

What else? Spritz thermal water on your face every now and then. Soak your feet in buckets of cool water and put wet towels on the shoulders or forehead for an extra cooling effect.

Can I catch a cold from my AC?

Nope! A "cold" is a virus, and you normally catch it from another person who is infected with the virus.

However, AC dries out your mucous membranes, which can make you more susceptible to cold and other infections. Also, if air conditioners are not cleaned often and thoroughly, they can become contaminated with bacteria and fungi.

Alright, I'm going out. What should I wear?

Wear loose, light-colored clothes made of natural fabric, such as cotton or linen. Leave your backpack at home and opt for a tote bag instead to allow your back to ventilate. Also, try to stay in the shade and walk through greener areas.

Wear a hat and reapply your sunscreen every few hours (depending on SPF) to protect your skin, too.

Is it true that I shouldn't wipe the sweat off my forehead?

Weirdly, it is true! This is how our body thermoregulation works: basically, the sweat helps cool down your body faster. It makes sense to not prevent that from happening, doesn't it?

For the same reason, avoid using antiperspirant as it restricts the sweat production. Choose a natural or even DIY deodorant instead.

What should I eat and drink?

You probably noticed that you barely have any appetite when it's too hot outside. According to Healthline, one's brain is too busy struggling with cooling down one's body and deprioritizes having a meal.

Your brain knows better: drink plenty of water and choose lighter, refreshing foods like fresh fruit and veggies. Avoid heavy meals, alcohol, and caffeinated drinks as they are dehydrating you.

What about hot and spicy food, you ask? There must be a reason spicy food is so popular in warmer countries, right? Right. Basically, after eating a hot and/or spicy meal, your body starts to sweat more, which cools you down. Same with hot beverages.

A cup of hot green tea, anyone?

I have pets. What can I do to make it easier for them?

Keep your pets cool, too: for example, keep them in a conditioned room during the afternoon or invest in a cooling mat.

If you are to go for a walk, make sure to bring a bowl and water for them and check the pavement's temperature with your palm first: if it's too hot, your fur baby might burn its paws. And never, ever leave your pets in a parked car, even with a window cracked!

Got it. Anything else?

Look out for each other! Pay extra attention to kids, elderly, and pets as they are most at risk from extreme heat. Check in on your neighbors and relatives if they live alone. Make sure your family, friends, and pets are well-hydrated.

Familiarize yourself with the early symptoms of a heatstroke: headache, dizziness, nausea, cramps, seizures. If you suspect someone around you has a heatstroke, move them to the shade, remove heavy clothing, if any, give them water, and call the ambulance.

I heard that exercising helps...

Working out sort of acclimatizes our body and teaches it to manage the high temperature with ease. You don't have to work out during the heatwave, though!

Got any heatwave tips of your own? Let us know in the comments!