Greener Christmas: Pretty Much Everything You Need to Know

Greener Christmas: Pretty Much Everything You Need to Know

Kat Doe
Kat Doe

Yay, Christmas time! But wait, before we get into the good stuff, let’s have a quick reflection on how much waste the festive season creates: American citizens throw away 25% more trash during the holidays than at any other time of the year.

Does this mean we should stop buying gifts and cooking for Christmas? Absolutely not! It just means we need to be a bit smarter and more sustainable with what we buy and cook. 😉

We gathered a bunch of articles packed with research, practical tips, and delicious recipes — say, pretty much everything you need to know to have a greener Christmas this year.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas for Literally Anyone

It’s Christmas time, which means the same question is back for another year: does Santa exist?

Um, I mean — what the heck do you buy for your friends and family? And what should you get your colleague you hardly know but whom you drew in a Secret Santa — and how do you stay sustainable all at the same time?!

Join us as we take a look at the best sustainable gift ideas for 2019.

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Cool vegan Christmas dinner ideas (anything but boring!)

If your (totally delicious) Christmas roast is getting a lil bit boring, we got you: today we're sharing cool new ideas for a whole vegan Christmas dinner. Yes, whole: we're talking appetizers, roasts, sides, treats, and a secret bonus meal for those who just can't get enough of your cooking magic. 🧙‍♀️⁠

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How to Upcycle Food Waste During the Holiday Season

The thing with the holidays is that they are, of course, an awesome time of the year. There’s lots of food, drink, family time, and other merry festivities. But with lots of food comes great responsibility.

In other words, what do you do with all the food that you waste?

Basically, if you want to stay on Santa’s Nice List this year, you’re going to have to do your bit. And if you’re feeling a bit creative, a really great way to do your bit is via upcycling. Here is how...

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Sustainable Winter Tips

Ultimately, we spend waaay more resources in winter to make our houses warmer, brighter, and cozier during the coldest months. 🕯️

If you're worried about our winter impact, check out our best tips in the infographic below to make this winter as sustainable as it can be! ⁠⠀

What are your plans for this Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

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