8 Feel-Good Places in Vancouver, Canada
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8 Feel-Good Places in Vancouver, Canada

Will Titterington
Will Titterington

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Because Vancouver is one of our favorite cities in the world, we decided to dedicate an entire article to some of the best feel-good places in the City of Glass.

Come check ‘em out with us!

Hot Yoga Vancouver

Hot Yoga Vancouver offers yoga classes to locals who want to manage their stress better. Formerly known as Bikram Hot Yoga Vancouver, the place is run by qualified, professional yoga instructors.

You can choose from a number of plans, ranging from month-to-month to a twelve month plan (most affordable).

For more information on how hot yoga can help you, go here.  

What else? Hot Yoga Vancouver is unfortunately closed until January 4th at the time of writing, at which point they plan to reopen their classes.

Address: 1801 SE 164th Ave. #109 Vancouver, WA  9868

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Origins Parkour

Wanted to try your hand at some exciting sports that have a supportive community? The type of community style exercise offered by Origins Parkour comes with a range of benefits: you get to meet new, like-minded people while re-imagining your relationship with your environment, and you also get to boost both your confidence and your mindfulness.

Origins Parkour offer classes for adults and kids in their HUGE gym space, and their facilities include walls for climbing, rails for vaulting and jumping, as well as bars for swinging.

If you want to get fit both mentally and physically while having fun, it’s the place to be.

What else? Origins Parkour have worked tirelessly to ensure you are kept safe on their premises during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Address: 2655 Main St 3rd floor, Vancouver, BC V5T 3E5

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Apotheka Herbal

Apotheka Herbal is a herb shop that specializes in customized herbal medicines. As well as tinctures, they also sell hand-mixed creams and tea!

Other products include soaps, sprays and scrubs, as well as products to help you sleep and products to help you de-stress.

And in case you didn’t know it, herbal medicine offers a variety of therapeutic benefits designed to boost your wellness.

What else? Apotheka Herbal offers holistic nutritional and medical herbal consultations, both online and offline.  

Address: A-1011 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8V 3N6

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Balance Botanicals

Balance Botanicals sells teas, herbs, and spices. Located on Main Street, their products are organic, fair trade and — according to their website — “ethically harvested.” Everything is locally sourced, too, and they sell in bulk. If you dig medicinal teas and want to improve your overall well being, Balance Botanicals is the place to visit!

What else? Balance Botanicals are currently abiding by COVID-19 guidelines and at the time of writing remain open!

Address: 4341 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3R1

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The Healing Tribe

The Healing Tribe offers reiki, shamanism, and holistic healing in Vancouver. Run by energy healer and Shamanic practitioner Rosario Tate, the place is essentially home to a “tribe” that shares, teaches and learns together about the amazingly beneficial holistic world.

You can book treatments, take classes and go to events.

What else? Tarot readings are on offer, too!

Address: 203 Seaview Dr, Port Moody, BC V3H 1N9

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Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy is one of the biggest organizations offering garden therapy in the whole of Canada. Their tagline is “better living through plants,” and to that end they give you the chance to indulge in garden-related crafts, plants, and recipes to help you improve your wellbeing. These include artisan herb-infused vinegar, winter forest soap and more.

What else? Garden Therapy is currently offering a FREE mini course.

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Aboriginal & Eco Tour Services

If you’re interested in native outdoor cultural tour experiences, Aboriginal & Eco Tour Services is at your service. It’s your one-stop-shop for eco-tourism, working as a booking center where you can place bookings and make reservations.

There are tours aimed at students and schools, but the one that really stands out is the Indigenous Forest Connections tour.

So why not go explore some ecotourism for the benefit of your mental well-being? After all, you can’t beat the great outdoors!

What else? Aboriginal & Eco Tour Services sell lots of products to, including carvings, tote bags, blankets and pillows.

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Maple Leaf Adventures

Like Aboriginal & Eco Tour Services, Maple Leaf Adventures is also dedicated to eco-tourism. You can take a small ship with them and go on a multi-day excursion to see some of Canada’s most beautiful hidden sights.

And if you need a seal of approval, Maple Leaf Adventures was rated by National Geographic as one of the ‘Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth.’

If 2020 wasn’t your best year, you could make 2021 extra special with a magical adventure!

What else? Each ship comes with its very own chef who cooks you delicious meals.

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For more sustainable feel-good places in Vancouver, be sure to check out NatureHub! 😉