8 Sustainable Black-Owned Businesses to Support Now and Going Forward

8 Sustainable Black-Owned Businesses to Support Now and Going Forward

Will Titterington
Will Titterington

The recent Black Lives Matter protests in America and further afield have put the long overdue questions over racial inequality back on the map.

We’re at a critical time. Not only do some black business owners feel they get a raw deal financially in terms of access to capital, but — according to the Washington Post — “the number of working African American business owners in the United States plummeted more than 40%” after coronavirus struck.

At NatureHub, we believe that local, organic, sustainable, ethical businesses are key to a thriving community. In this article, we’re focusing on black-owned businesses that you may want to support, now and going forward.

Phenomenal Woman

Phenomenal Woman is a clothing brand with attitude. It produces socially-conscious clothes (hoodies and sweaters mainly) that really have something to say!

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Dear Racism,

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Even just a quick perusal of their Instagram page will tell you all you need to know about how they feel about being proud of who you are. Slogans include “electable,” phenomenally black,” and — of course — “black lives matter.”

You can check Phenomenal Woman out on Instagram here and check their store out here.

Ethel’s Club

We really like Ethel’s Club because it shares the same values as NatureHub. It describes itself as a “social and wellness club designed to celebrate people of both colour, both online and IRL.”

Essentially, it’s a place where you can go to meet other fellow creatives for wellness sessions, as well as healing classes. These take place both in-person and online, and the events are held by fully licensed black therapists. Black people from America can join in, but it’s open to black people all over the world.

Go check out Ethel’s Club here and their Instagram page here.

Goodee World

Another wonderful black-owned business, Goodee World is a worldwide marketplace used by minority artisans who sell items that are transparently sourced. With a focus on upcycling and proper (ethical) treatment of the people who work for them, Goodee World is doing a lot of good for the world.

And when we say “artisans,” by the way, we really mean it. Just check out this delightful basket art:

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"BASKET IS ART WE BELIEVE • One of our most exciting collaborations ever continues into 2020. The super talented curator and gallerist Caline Chagoury Moudaber of Floor One 9 showcases our speciality baskets as sculptures on custom made concrete columns and our basketry is seen as the true art form that it is! Thank you Caline for your incredible vision!" - @Babatreebaskets Floor One 9 is a contemporary art and design gallery in Lagos, Nigeria. Curated by Caline Chagoury @calinechagoury, the @arttwentyone feature is a showcase honoring African talent that celebrates the relationship between contemporary art and design and the artists and resources behind it. The project launched in October 2019 and aims to reveal the beauty of Africa while challenging the cultural dynamics of social identity. Discover more @FloorOne9 Photo courtesy of @arttwentyone #GoodeeWorld #DesignWithPurpose #BabaTreeBaskets #Art #Artisan #Handcraft #MadeinGhana #FloorOne9 #ContemporaryArt #ContemporaryDesign

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You can learn more about Goodee World via their Instagram page here and website here.


LUV + CO. was founded by Dr. Melodie Ray Davis-Bundrage, who is an expert when it comes to beauty.

With so many makeup brands offering limited shades of foundation, she wanted to start her own company of clean beauty products that won’t look ashy on darker skin tones.

What we love most about LUV + CO. is that it doesn’t compromise its makeup quality and performance for trends. Formulated with nourishing ingredients, all products look fantastic while also being clean, 100% cruelty free and toxic-free, with select products also vegan and gluten-free. Should we mention the diverse shade range?

You can visit LUV + CO.’s Instagram here and website here.

Sami Miro Vintage

Sami Miro Vintage is yet another black-owned business after NatureHub’s heart. It claims to be “pushing eco-conscious boundaries,” which is exactly what we love to hear!

With a focus on limited edition, vintage clothing made 100% from recycled fabrics, Sami Miro Vintage was founded by Sami Hero, a creative entrepreneur with a spark. Sami Miro Vintage hasn’t even been around that long but it already counts the likes of Drake and Selena Gomez as fans.

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NORMANI in her 1/1 SMV Cheer Top 🔥

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And, hey, if it’s good enough for Drake, it’s good enough for all of us, right?

Go check Sami Miro Vintage out on Instagram right here and on their website here.

Calabash Tea

Calabash Tea is based in DC’s Shaw neighborhood. It serves organic Jamaican tea blends, as well as all kinds of vegetarian and vegan treats, including cakes and coffee. There are plenty of spices on sale, too, while the teas include chais, black teas, herbal teas, and green teas.

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Ayyyee! Tribe shout out to: @brittangerine 🥰. Read her caption to the post about her 🌿 BASIL-LICIOUS CALA-Box. 🌿 You can still order your’s now as a Subscription (to get the CALA-Blog with it) or a Single CALA-Box.⁣ ⁣ @brittangerine : So, I am NOT a big fan of subscription boxes. To me, they're kind of a waste because there's usually only a couple things out of any box that I like or need, then I end up trying to give the rest of the stuff away, and to me it's all just a wasteful headache. ⁣ 𝘽𝙪𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙤𝙣𝙚... This is the first subscription box ever that I have a love and use for every single thing! There's tea, soap, seasoning, coffee (for Mike) and even seeds! The @calabashtea box is so beautifully curated with 3 other small businesses, and it's the first subscription box that has fully impressed me, honestly! ⁣ Head over to their page to learn more about their 𝗮𝗺𝗮𝘇𝗶𝗻𝗴 business and products and maybe get your hand on one of these perfect boxes! 🌱💚⁣ .⁣ #NotAnAdJustAFan #NotAnAd #CalabashTea #ShopSmallBusinesses #TeaAddicts ⁣ ⁣ Did y’all know when you take great photos & 5 star us on Yelp & Google it means EVERYTHING to us? It keeps us going! Now that’s REAL support. 💪🏽 Let’s goooo!!!🤘🏽🖤💥 🙏🏽 calabashtea.com ⁣ ⁣ #communitea #trustrealherbalists #5thgenerationherbalists #besttea #maroonmedicine #nativeamericanmedicine #tea #chai

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Wellness fans will find lots of healthy tonics at Calabash Tea as well, while there’s an array of body care packages, superfoods and aromatherapy products on sale, too. And because it’s run by master herbalist and naturopathic Dr. Sunyatta Amen, we just know this is a company to trust.

You can find out more about Calabash Tea here. Also, check their Instagram, too!

Drink Reveal

Drink Reveal is an exciting new business that is about to launch a variety of sustainable drinks made of... avocado seeds.

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This weekend, we got to fulfill our VERY FIRST wholesale order! We spent the week setting up - organizing ingredients, manufacturing, bottling, labeling and finally dropping off the bottles! We've been working on this idea for over two years and it feels like we're finally arriving to the starting line. We have so many plans for the future about how we want to set up this company to be a friendly space for women, minorities and even those who have been previous incarcerated. When doing some research, we realize that it might be more difficult than we thought - we'll beg a support system for those we hire and also for the teams that work with them closely (most likely therapy). We are still a long way from being able to set this up - but we want to make sure we get the foundation right. Do you know anyone who has set up a system like this/anyone we should talk to do we can plan it out from now? Excited to be starting the next phase of our journey and a BIG THANK YOU to this community who has helped us with feedback on the flavors,packaging, messaging and helping us stay on top of what is most important. We are so motivated to give back and multiply the good energy you all send our way! Love & good vibes! 🙌🏼

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The avocado seed brews aren’t only delicious and rich in antioxidants; the reason why Drink Reveal made this list of sustainable businesses is that it is upcycling avocado seeds that would normally be thrown away. With the US food industry being devastatingly wasteful, we can’t wait for this zero-waste initiative to finally launch!

Sign up for Drink Reveal pre-launch updates here, and check their Insta page here.

The Lit. Bar

Lastly, we just had to include The Lit. Bar after learning about it. Described as a “cozy neighborhood bookshop/wine bar,” it sounded right up our street. It is, in fact, The Bronx’s only indie bookstore (at the time of writing, at least), and it’s as hip as it is soulful. With regular readings and events in-store, it has a real community feel to it.

If you live in The Bronx and are missing Barnes and Noble, go check The Lit. Bar out!

Final thoughts

I wanted to add here that you should, of course, go and check these small businesses out when it’s safe to do so (thanks, Miss Rona!). Naturally, if it’s possible to order online, you can totally do that in the meantime.

Either way, supporting black-owned business mustn’t be something we do just to make ourselves feel better in the moment. The world is changing; let’s support each other now and forever. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world.