8 Best Sustainable Gifts in 2021 (UK Edition)
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8 Best Sustainable Gifts in 2021 (UK Edition)

Anastasia Vozovik
Anastasia Vozovik

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This rolling lockdown has left many of us in a vulnerable position. Since we are restricted in meeting in person, posting a gift is one of the most caring and loving gestures we can make. Whilst sending a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine are good old classics, we suggest more creative ideas alongside supporting good, green, local businesses.

Join us as we take a look at some of the best sustainable and eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones, UK edition!

For an aspiring gardener: Kabloom Seedbom

Kabloom sells perfect gifts for those who have a little garden and little knowledge about planting and growing plants.

Those who do not have a garden can try guerrilla gardening — planting seeds in neglected public areas to turn them into greener and more desirable spaces for wildlife.

The Seedboms come shaped like grenades, and all you need to do is soak them, throw them, and grow them. This sounds like a fun activity to do with children, doesn't it?

And of course, Kabloom's bombs are packaged in biodegradable materials and feature a great variety of seeds.

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For a cooking enthusiast: Buy Me Once kitchenware

There is no secret in the simple fact that most brands want you to buy as much as possible as often as possible. These days products are just not made to last! Buy Me Once stands by a simple message — invest in things that last.

This company sells just long-lasting items to reduce waste and ensure you only need to spend money once on a single product you need. They offer a wide selection of kitchenware, household essentials, gadgets, and even clothes.

Buy Me Once offers exclusive warranties and would take items off their website if they find out the quality is not up to their standard. That means your gift will stay with your loved one forever!

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For a vegan: One Planet Pizza

Who doesn't like a great pizza? What about a pizza with purpose?

Order a sustainably-packaged plant-based pizza for your special someone who needs some tummy-warming support.

One Planet Pizza proves that a vegan diet does not have to be boring, and most of all cheese on pizza does not have to taste like melted plastic!

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For a beer lover: Toast Ale

Surprise a beer-lover with some Ale, IPA, or Stout!

"A beer with more taste — a world without waste" is the slogan of Yorkshire-based company called Toast Ale. Instead of virgin barley, they use surplus bread that would otherwise be put to waste by bakeries, sandwich makers, and others.

Also, Toast Ale gives 100% profits to environmental charities that work on reducing food waste.

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For a fashion lover: Wyatt & Jack backpack

Wyatt & Jack is a UK-based upcycling company that creates sustainable bags and accessories from salvaged beach deckchair canvas, bouncy castles, and inflatables.

All items are posted in plastic-free, biodegradable, recycled, and recyclable packaging. This is undeniably a good place to look for a present!

The company also runs an Inflatable Amnesty campaign, allowing people to send their broken inflatables instead of simply throwing them away. In fact, you can order a bag to be made out of this exact material!

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For a zero-waste advocate: QBamboo household essentials

For a variety of everyday and special occasion products, check out QBamboo: you will find sustainable gifts that are eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, ocean-friendly, and plastic-free.

They feature a wide selection of household essentials: from toilet paper to baby-shower gifts, from organic reusable tea bags to bamboo lunchboxes!

QBamboo is also an excellent source to learn more about the most sustainable brands out there.

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For someone working from home: a Freckleface candle

Have a friend or family member who's working from home? Make their workdays a little bit more sophisticated with a Freckleface candle!

Their products made out of ingredients that are locally and ethically sourced, toxin-free, and vegan. Good attention is paid to the packaging, making sure plastic is not used.

You'll be supporting a family business: Freckleface's soy wax melts and candles are hand-made by the family and friends to keep luxury products affordable and personal.

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For a friend who has a sweet tooth: a Vegan Snacks Box from MettaLife

MettaLife is an online marketplace that brings together small sustainable UK brands that sell ethical and vegan products.

Check out this eco-friendly, plastic-free Vegan Snacks Box packed with plant-based sweets and snacks! You can even add a personal note to your box to make it extra special.

What’s cool is that along with standard categories, such as bath & beauty, gifts, and food, at MettaLife you can shop by ethics. So if you are after all-natural ingredients, zero-plastic items and packaging, organic, or reusable, you can filter your search accordingly.

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