5 Underrated but Super Effective At-Home Fitness Practices

5 Underrated but Super Effective At-Home Fitness Practices

Will Titterington
Will Titterington

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We’ve all heard of yoga, cycling, and crossfit, and we all know they’re fantastic ways of getting fit.

And don’t get us wrong — they really work for some people. But there are numerous but effective fitness practices that often don’t get talked about!

In celebration of NatureHub’s February fitness and wellness focus, we’ve put together 5 underrated but super effective fitness practices for anyone who’s bored of HIIT and yoga and wants to try something new and different at home.

So let’s take a look and see if we can help you level up your 2021 fitness game!


Barre is something that I myself hadn’t heard of until two years ago. It’s a hybrid workout that mixes together the likes of pilates, dancing, and ballet. However, it’s not a prerequisite that your fitness levels are already decent before you begin. That said, you can be a total beginner to get started.

How does Barre benefit you? Barre helps you build muscle mass and increases bone density via strength training. It will also help you lose weight and improve your flexibility.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is similar to yoga in that both are aimed at helping you de-stress and get fitter while having a keen spiritual focus. They also promote focused breathing and meditation. But Tai Chi has more in common with marital arts and is even more focused on the spiritual aspect of mental and physical well-being.

The great thing about Tai Chi is that there are lots of classes out there for beginners, and you can start online by taking a look at these best online Tai Chi classes for 2021.


Like Tai Chi, Callanetics has plenty in common with yoga, but it’s a lower impact form of exercise than Tai Chi.

It also has zero spiritual aspect, so it's ideal for those who like the idea of yoga but aren’t interested in the spiritual bit.

Essentially, Callanetics is a repetitive form of workout that’s composed of minor muscle squeezes and movements. It’s very low impact, which means it's great for anyone who doesn’t want to bust a gut in order to get fit! And the best thing is, it can yield mega results, toning your body, and building your muscles.  

Animal Fitness

Animal fitness has become increasingly trendy as a form of exercise in gyms around the world.

If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s basically a series of workouts that are, well, animal-inspired.

Sound like a crazy concept?

Maybe it is. But these full-body workouts could be just the thing you need as you look to get in shape for 2021.

Ideally, you need gliding discs to get you started, but then all you need is some determination and willingness to try something different.

Here are some popular (and trendy!) animal fitness exercises right now:

  • Komodo dragon
  • Monkey shuffle
  • Crouching tiger
  • Cocoons

For more information on animal fitness, go here.

Dance Workout

While dancing is an art, it's also an excellent practice for your body and mind. Not only does it help you get fit and flexible; dancing causes the release of the chemicals that are making your happy, like dopamine.

It's probably the most fun way to get your cardio workout done, too.

The best part is that you can pick any dance workout to your liking: zumba, hip-hop, salsa, African dance, and much more.


Getting fit needn’t be hard work. In fact, many of us need it to be more fun in order for us to stay motivated!

The next step is to choose a fitness practice that sounds like it might be the best one for you. And, hey, if you’re the type of person who struggles for motivation, why not partner up with a friend and do it together?

For more sustainable living and fitness tips, be sure to visit NatureHub. 😉