6 Best Zero Waste Stores in Florida
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6 Best Zero Waste Stores in Florida

Kat Doe
Kat Doe

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No matter how much you try, it’s pretty impossible to walk into a grocery store or a supermarket and leave without plastic.

While you could choose glass and paper-packed goods and use tote bags and reusable produce baggies to cut down your plastic consumption, your regular supermarket isn't well suited for plastic-free and zero-waste shopping (just yet).

But zero waste stores are! The procedure is simple: you bring your own clean containers from home (jars, bags, tupperwear) and label them with their tare weight. Then, fill the containers with goods like pasta, oil, or spices, and proceed to the checkout. There it is: completely package-free.

In our new Find Good, Green, Local series, we're going to guide you through the greenest, most sustainable and conscious businesses out there. Starting with Florida (the birthplace of NatureHub), we will continue the journey all throughout the US.

Today we chose 6 best zero waste stores in Florida, from Miami to Gainesville. Those are not your traditional bulk stores: these stores offer organic products from ethical, often local, businesses and little to no packaging waste.

Let's dive in!

1. JAR the Zero Waste Store (Stuart, FL)

JAR specializes in everything you can put into, well, a jar (which you can buy right there in case you forgot your own).

They have a wide variety of organic dry goods, from legumes and coffee to spices and flours, as well as a selection of soaps, beauty products, and household items.

What else? JAR holds occasional yoga classes and educational talks. They also organized a local composting service that would take your compost to a tree farm where it will be used to grow native trees for $10 to $15 per month.

Online shopping available:

Address: 3876 SE Dixie Hwy, Stuart, FL 34997.

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2. Verde (Miami, FL)

Verde is now one of the most popular zero waste stores in Florida, and for a reason; small but efficient, it holds a wide selection of dry goods, oils, and personal care products.

Don't even get us started on their soap refill station and spices rack!

What else? Verde also has a composting service ($1 donation per a drop-off).

Online shopping available: Yes.

Address: 2328 NE 2nd Ave, Unit 2, Miami, FL 33137.

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3. One World Zero Waste (Tequesta, FL)

Opened by a lovely couple, One World Zero Waste provides a wide selection of superfoods, dry goods, essential oils, and accessories to make your zero waste life easier.

As well, they make and sell their own cloth wipes, reusable bags, utensils holders, and more: because #supportlocal.

What else? One World Zero Waste organizes cooking workshops, food exchange events, and yoga sessions.

Online shopping available: Yes.

Address: 354 S. Cypress Drive, Tequesta, FL 33469.

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4. Life Unplastic (Gainesville, FL)

Life Unplastic offers a wide variety of home and personal care items: everything you can think of, from Epsom salts and essential oils to house cleaners.

Next up, Life Unplastic is about to expand their personal care and beauty collection. For those of you with fur babies, Life Unplastic will introduce dog treats (and hopefully, pet food!) soon as well.

What else? Life Unplastic is planning a bunch of community workshops in the near future.

Online shopping available: Nope.

Address: 2441 NW, 43rd St. Ste 24B-1, Gainesville, FL 32606.

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5. LÜFKA Refillables Zero Waste Store (Tampa, FL)

LÜFKA prides itself in being Tampa's first zero waste store, and it specializes on eco-friendly, DIY personal care products and cleaning supplies. Did we mention they have their own sustainable brand of handmade cosmetics, too?

They have everything from toothpaste and soap to body butters and lotions, all at affordable prices.

What else? LÜFKA often hosts workshops and teaches to make DIY skincare products, candles, and fermented foods. As well, they organize meetings and talks on sustainability and conscious consumption.

Online shopping available: Yes.

Address: 4222 North Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL 33603


6. Jax Zero (Jacksonville, FL)

Jax Zero is a refill and sustainable good shop in Jacksonville. They only offer a delivery service, and they only deliver to specific zip codes (you can look for your zip code on their website).

Basically, you the customer just need to choose either a refill or a new product. Then, you put in your order and they come deliver! And when it’s time for another refill, just leave yours outside your door and they’ll swap it for a new one.

Jax Zero also sell a variety of sustainable goods, including liquid hand soap, loofah dish sponges, toilet cleaning fizz bombs, and even cute eco-friendly things for your pets!

What else? Jax Zero has a rewards program that you might want to check out. They’re also ready and willing to recycle things you don’t need anymore.

Online shopping? Yes.

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For more zero waste hidden gems in Florida (and anywhere else in the U.S.), be sure to install NatureHub app. 😉

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