7 Sustainable Fashion and Thrift Stores in Florida
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7 Sustainable Fashion and Thrift Stores in Florida

Will Titterington
Will Titterington

The Sunshine State would seem to have everything. It has beaches, national parks, a very interesting history — and, of course, Disney World.

For the more eco-minded fashion conscious consumers, it also has sustainable fashion and thrift stores here, there, and everywhere.

In this article, we’re covering fashion and thrift stores located in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando so that you can get your next clothing fix without feeling guilty about our planet.

Ready? Let’s take a look!

1. Tammy Jo Fashion (Orlando)

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This has got to be my favorite dress from the newest collection. Made with repurposed cotton knit, scrap and a few yards of what was left from #riflepapercofabric last collection. . . The more you know. Every dress I make is a reflection of my transitional healing process. Between the broken, lost and hidden places of the world and the way I view it, to the place of being healed, restored and redeemed. . . Making my dresses are the way I see healing in the world and it's how I can transform that into the physical plane. I take what's been discarded, tossed aside, left behind or devalued by society and I claim it as loved and needed and turn it into something new for some one else, someone aware and awake, to love and to cherish. It's been my greatest joy to heal in this way. A true gift from God that I love to share! . . This dress is available in my shop and like I said it's gotta be my favorite. She has a sweet train hem lined with detailed fabric that will gracefully follow your elegant moves. Surprise Pockets! And a super comfortable gray stretch knit top. . . . Photo courtesy of @catremaks by @tiltedchameleon . . #summerdresses #healing #dresswithpockets #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashiondesigner #womenempowerment #homedesignstudio #homestudiolife

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Tammy Jo Fashion was founded by Tammy Jo herself, an empowered young woman who wants to empower others in her local community. She’s also a supremely talented fashion designer who makes unique dresses and other items of clothing using sustainable fabrics.

What else? Tammy uses her social media pages to keep her customers up-to-date with where the store is at, and she also includes her own stories, giving her store a personal touch that makes it so charming.

Online shopping? Yes.

Address: 728 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

Visit Tammy Jo Fashion

2. Frolic Exchange (Tampa)

Frolic Exchange — run by Brie and Nancy, a mother-daughter duo — describes itself as an “eclectic boutique that specializes in one of a kind clothing.” They sell recycled, vintage goods, as well as hand-designed, 100% unique clothing.

What else? You’ll also find an underground art space here that features exhibitions and live music concerts.

Online shopping? Yes.

Address: 4626 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33603

Visit Frolic Exchange

3. Dragonfly Thrift Boutique (Miami)

We just love the name of this one — but we love their mission even more.

Dragonfly Thrift Boutique is an initiative of the non-profit Ladies Empowerment and Action Program (LEAP), which means that 100% of the store’s proceeds go towards helping incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women move on from their past and build a brighter, better future for themselves.

You can shop and make purchases from their high-end thrift store, and you can also make donations and even volunteer.

What else? The store provides employability and life skills classes, as well as post-release housing and employment support.

Online shopping? Yes.

Address: 3141 SW 8th St suite a, Miami, FL 33135

Visit Dragonfly Thrift Boutique

4. Andee’s (Orlando)

Andee’s sells handmade gifts, quirky clothes, and local art. It’s a treasure trove of creative sustainable goodness that will brighten up your home and well-being.

A cooperative located in Orlando, Andee’s invites any and all talented local artists to join in the fun. If you’re an artist, they want to hear from you!

What else? Andee’s rents furniture to artists who want to make a bold statement at their next show or event. They also provide furniture repair and refinishing.

Online shopping? Yes.

Address: 4805 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

Visit Andee’s

5. Nomad Tribe (Miami)

Nomad Tribe is committed to selling sustainable clothing via their unique marketplace. Their garments are absolutely gorgeous, useful, and ethical, and are sourced from brands all around the world who share the same ethos as they do.

“We believe that what we collectively choose to buy can change the course of this planet.”

Hear, hear!

Both women’s and men’s clothing is available.

What else? Nomad Tribe invites you to recycle your clothes with them, which you can do by cleaning your clothes and taking them along to their store.

Online shopping? Yes.

Address: 8291 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138

Visit Nomad Tribe

6. Lawless Apparel (Miami)

Lawless Apparel is a hip clothing brand based in Miami that intends to offer something above and beyond simple images on a tee. They want to offer meaning and share their values with the world when it comes to inequality and injustice.

They sell clothing, they create music but they’re more than their creative endeavors. As they themselves put it, Lawless “is an expression of the world we deserve.”

What else? Lawless Apparel donate a percentage of each sale to Islamic Relief USA and The Water Project.

Online shopping? Yes.

Address: 7000 Rue Granville, Miami Beach, FL 33141

Visit Lawless Apparel

7. Valhalla Resale (Tampa)

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Want a thrift store that also allows you to borrow clothes?

Welcome to Valhalla, Tampa’s “limitless closet” of sustainable clothes. You can pay just $39 per month and rent 3 items of clothing at the same time for as long as you want. When you’re done with them, you can return them and exchange them for 3 different ones.

We think it's an amazing concept, and Valhalla offers a wide range of sustainable women’s clothing for you to choose from.

What else? Members get 20% off any purchase.

Online shopping? Yes.

Address: 6112 N Central Ave, Tampa, FL 33604, United States

Visit Valhalla

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