How to Shop More Consciously and Sustainably

How to Shop More Consciously and Sustainably

NatureHub Staff
NatureHub Staff

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Here is the thing with conscious consumption — not only does it benefit the planet, your health, and your wallet; it also helps you to develop a whole new way of thinking that fosters empathy, understanding, and ultimately, growth. ⁠

Today, we've collected our best resources to help you start shopping more consciously and sustainably.

#1: Why should I shop consciously?

A conscious consumer is someone who looks beyond the label as they seek to learn more about the company they’re buying their goods from, as well as the things they’re buying. Where did the materials come from? Who made these goods? What impact do they have on the planet?

In this article, we take a closer look at what being a conscious consumer is all about — and why it matters.

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#2: Why should I support local businesses more?

Local and small businesses are at the heart of any community. They’re our friends, they’re sometimes our family and — in many cases — they’re striving to make the world a better place via sustainable, organic, and often homegrown and homemade produce and goods.

In these articles, let us introduce you to a few compelling reasons why you should support your local and small businesses — and how to do exactly that.

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#3: How do I shop for groceries smarter?

Have you hear of sustainable gastronomy? It is a process of selecting and preparing food that shifts the focus to how produce is grown, how it gets to market, as well as its source. It’s about picking food that is both good for us and the planet.

In these articles, we're going to take a look at how you can shop for food more consciously as well as how you can create your own eco-friendly dining experience more often.

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#4: Any tips for sustainable cooking?

Sure thing! To make the most of the food you've got, consider these two ideas:
1) Meal planning can be one of the best ways to boost your nutrition intake, whilst ensuring you save time, money, and prevent stress
2) Since you’re always going to have some sort of leftovers, you may as well get the most out of them with zero-waste cooking.

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#5: What about clothes, furniture, and everyday essentials?

Amazingly, it’s easier than you thought! One of the first things you’ll want to do is eliminate any potential waste from your life by swapping your everyday essentials for something more sustainable.

We've also prepared guides to shopping for clothes and furniture in a more conscious way as well.

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